Open new possibilities to close more sales

Research shows that consumers desire a comprehensive set of photo products we call a Collection.

A Collection brings together the versatility of the digital file with the beauty & longevity of the printed product to enable consumers to do what they have always done with their treasured memories:

To share them with friends and family
Relive them in story form
And to preserve them for a lifetime in heirloom products

The result? Satisfied clients. Increased sales opportunities.

What is the collections sales strategy?

A Collection is a thematic compilation of photo products, such as DVDs, digital files, prints, albums/books, photo gifts, and more to commemorate life’s treasured moments. A successful Collections Sales Strategy will satisfy the comprehensive needs consumers have to share, relive, and preserve their treasured memories. To be successful, the Collections Sales Strategy will not meet just one or two of these needs but all three.


The history of sharing for consumers


People want their memories in a story form to relive their special occasions today, tomorrow, and forever.









Consumers want to preserve their professional photography for generations to come. Technology continues to change, and there is only one technology that has withstood the test of time – and that is the photographic print. All you need is light and an eyeball and you have an heirloom product that will last a lifetime.


Evolution of Technology